Installation Guide

Kiosk Installation Guide

NOTE: This Installation Guide is intended for use by THRESHOLD tech support.  However, many of our customers successfully install eVisitor themselves by using this guide.

  • Supported version of MS Windows (Currently Windows 10).    Windows XP is not supported.  Windows 7 support from Microsoft ends Jan 15, 2020.
  • High speed Internet connection.  1MB or better up and down recommended.
  • Administrative rights on your computer.  Get help from your IT department if necessary. 
  • Account and password (or use our free demo account).  Our helpful Technical Support will
    create your eVisitor account.
  • Network access to our servers.  Technical Specs.
  • Label printer and labels.
  • Optional equipment as desired.

  • Tech support personnel will remote into your computer to assist with the installation.
  • Restart your computer to be sure all documents are saved and all applications are closed.
  • Bring up www.FastSupport.com.
  • Follow the prompts to start it up.
  • Enter your name and the 9 digit number you get from Tech support.
  • You may need to disable your virus protection.  This has not been necessary very often.
  • You can try the new eVisitor setup script  or  (eVisitor Setup Wizard).


1. Install the barcode font

2. Install a Printer
Note: be sure the label printer is NOT selected as the windows default printer or you will get print jobs sent to it that will clog it up.

3. Install the Camera
  • NOTE: DON'T load the software from the CD that came with the camera:  It has unnecessary software
  • Unpack and setup the camera (more info)
  • Plug it into a USB port, and let windows install the driver
  • If the webcam software did not download, get it from here. Select Downloads, Download Software

4. Install a Driver's License Reader

5. Install eVisitor software
  • Goto the eVisitorPass install page                   (or try the BETA version)
  • Click Install
  • Click Run
  • Install any the "CLR Types for SQL" and  "Report Viewer" if they need to be installed

6. Start eVisitor
  • Go to www.eVisitorPass.com and click on the "eVisitorPass Login" button
  • or startup eVisitor by clicking on the desktop shortcut
  • Logon with your Account and Password

7. Training
  • Watch the demo video or
  • See the Users Guide.
  • or call us at the number above to schedule a training session

Older equipment:

Install the Basic Driver's License Reader
  • Plug it into a USB port and let windows install the driver.
  • Use these barcodes  Configure the reader

Install the Sign-out Scanner

Install for multiple logons on the same computer
  • eVisitor supports multiple users (profiles or logons) on the same computer
    • eVisitor installs seperately to each user profile
    • Windows printers are also installed separately for each user

  • Set eVisitor
    • You can move the eVisitor icon from the desktop to the "public desktop" and rename it "eVisitor Public"

    • Alternatively you can have users goto  https://www.thresholdsecurity.com  | Visitor Software | eVisitor login.  Then click the green login button.
  • Set Printers
    • For printers, make any adjustments to the
      Printer Properties | Advanced | Printing Defaults.  New users will inherit these defaults.  You may need admin rights for this.  


Technical Support


Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 ET
Other times, please leave a message.

eMail: Support@ThresholdSecurity.com
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