Tools to help us support your system

Note: This page is intended to be used with assistance from THRESHOLD Tech Support. .

Allow Tech Support to remotely access your computer.
  • To start up Click here.
  • Enter the 9 digit code that you get from tech support.

Alternative remote access tool:  Windows 10 has a built in tool for remote access.  Quick Assist.

Troubleshooting guide (click here)

Diagnostic tools:
Diagnostic tool  (Tests connectivity and throughput to our servers)
Unsigned Diagnostic tool  (use if the std one fails.  Note, you will probably have to select "run anyway")

Versions of eVisitor
  • Kioks Current              (install)
  • Kiosk Beta                  (install)
  • Kiosk Alpha                 (install)

  • Install or logon to eVisitorPass 2 testing tool (click here)

Diagnostic tools

Scan for viruses with Microsoft Safety Scanner

Check your network Speed with  or

Check speed to our servers from a CMD prompt:  tracert

To see CPU speed, Memory, and which version of Window you are running:
  Windows 7: From the Start menu, r-click, Properties on "Computer"
  Windows 10: Settings, System, About

Verify you can access our cloud services:
  • The page will look somewhat technical.    
  • The first line should say "You have created a service"

Drivers for the Basic and Photo Driver's License Readers

Jan 2018 Prerequisites (normally these install automatically)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Installer 4.5
  • Microsoft® System CLR Types for SQL Server® 2014 (x86) (download)
  • Microsoft Report Viewer 2014 Runtime (download)

Gemalto technical contact:
Chris Steel
Technical Consultant ; Document Reader Solutions
Tel.: +1 613  221 4948
Gemalto is now part of the Thales Group.

Screen recorder.  Problem Steps Recorder (click here). 

Reset  Sign-Out Scanner to factory defaults (click here)

Advanced Settings (click here)


Demo (click here)

Installation Guide (click here)
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