Photo Driver's License Reader

  • Download the driver here    (2018 V10.15.02)
    • Select DL, Biz Card, SDK
    • Select Express
    • Select 800DX and 800DXN
  • You do NOT need the included power cord, just the USB cord.
  • Plug scanner USB into computer and allow the drivers to install automatically. 
  • Be sure you calibrate the reader before completing the eVisitorPass installation
    • A calibration card comes with the Reader.  If you need another one, you can download a PDF of it here (download)  (download 2-sided)
Clean the Driver's License Reader before use by using the enclosed cleaning sheet.  Retain the cleaning sheet for future use.

If you encounter an error: “SDK license already in use” when trying to scan ID cards:
The fix is to uninstall the current version of the SDK and upgrade to latest version of SDK. After that change is complete add “PreventMultipleAccess=0” (without the quotes) to the bottom line of the settings in the file named "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acuant\SDK\slib.ini". Reboot and test to verify that the ScanShell scanner now works in both applications. NOTE: modifying the INI file on the old SDK version has no effect. You need to upgrade the SDK for the fix to work.

Older SDK Drivers:

(2015 driver
(2016 driver)  
(2017 driver v10.12.0309)
(2017 driver v10.13.031)
(2017 V10.13.0304)
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