eVisitor Latest Features

RoomTrack (May 2020)
  • Help you implement your Visitation Policy in hospital rooms or any other location
  • Get information about how many visitors are in a room before you allow another one

SCREENED badges (March 2020)
  • Put "Screened" on your badges
  • Knockout text for emphasis

Visitor contact info (March 2020)
  • Capture visitors contact information (phone or email)
  • This can be very helpful in contact tracing

Passport reader (new in 2019)
  • Reads name and photo from passport
  • Reads name from US driver's license
  • Works with eVisitor Desktop and eVisitor Kiosk
  • Has 1 year mfg warranty
  • MSRP $1900
  • SKU: 100975

eVisitorPass Kiosk (new in Sept 2018)
  • Speeds up Visitor Sign-in
  • Touchscreen visitor management provides fast and accurate self-registration
  • Visitor's check themselves in, then pickup a badge from the front desk
  • Reads name and photo from a US (AAMVA) driver's license
  • Fully integrates with eVisitorPass desktop
  • Requres a user provided MS Surface Pro 4 tablet
  • Available in Floor Standing and Countertop models.

Turbo Photo Driver's License reader  (new in Sept 2018)
  • Our updated Photo driver's license reader is twice as fast as our old model
  • Reads name and photo from a US driver's license in 8 seconds
  • Reads AAMVA compliant driver licenses
  • Works with eVisitorPass Desktop and eVisitor Kiosk
  • Has a 1 mfg year warranty

Wireless printer  (new in Sept 2018)
  • New wireless Zebra printer. 
  • Ideal for floor standing Kiosk installations.
  • Uses bluetooth or WiFi to connect.
  • Allows multiple stations to print to the same printer.

Windows 10 and 8.1 support
eVisitorPass now supports windows 10 and windows 8.1.   (Ver and newer)

Tardy reporting
eVisitorPass supports "Tardy reporting".  Simply select "Tardy" at the top of the badge.  Sign the student in.  eVisitorPass retains the information for future reporting.  Under reports, you can select "Tardy" to get a report of all your Tardys for the selected time frame.

Early Dismissal reporting
eVisitorPass supports "Early Dismissal reporting".  Simply select "Early Dismissal" at the top of the badge.  Sign the student out.  eVisitorPass retains the information for future reporting.  Under reports, you can select "Early Dismissal" to get a report of all your "Early Dismissals" for the selected time frame.

Volunteer/Substitute/Contractor reporting
eVisitorPass supports "Volunteer/Substitute/Contractor reporting".  You simply select "Volunteer or Substitute or Contractor" at the top of the badge.  Sign the person in as normal.  eVisitorPass retains the information for future reporting.  Under reports, you can select "Volunteer or Substitute or Contractor" to get the desired report for a selected time frame.  eVisitorPass shows you the total time the person was signed in.

Full Name Search
eVisitorPass now supports Full Name Search.  Simply start typing the first or last name of a visitor and any name with those letters will show up in the pick list.  Once the list is 10 names or fewer, the photos will be displayed.

Flagged visitors report
eVisitorPass has a new report that shows all the visitors that you have flagged.  This will show all your remembered visitors who are marked with an alert flag.

Automatic Sign-out
eVisitor now supports Auto Sign-out.  If you can't track people leaving your facility, then you might want to turn on Auto Sign-Out.  This saves you the step of signing everyone out each day.  Instead of marking visitors who have over stayed their visit in red, it simply signs them out.  This can be turned on for each visit category.

New Turbo Driver's License Reader
We have a new Turbo Driver's License Reader.  This reads a driver's license in 2-4 seconds rather than the 16 seconds for our standard reader.  It reads driver's licenses or state issued IDs with a barcode on the back.  It does not capture the photo.  You can pair this with the camera to capture a photo.

In addition, it is a Premium Sign-Out Scanner simplifying the sign-out process.  (with Ver and newer)

Support for Macs
eVisitorPass supports Mac computers.  On a Mac, we support printing, scan out, and the new Fast Driver's License reader. (more info).

Evacuation report:
The Evacuation Report button is now live.  It will print the Evacuation Report directly to your specified report printer, or to your Windows default printer.

Multiple terminals:
eVisitorPass now supports multiple terminals (more info).

Driver's License Reader:
Our Driver's License Readers are now available.  The Driver's License Reader will read a visitor's name and photo from their driver's license into eVisitorPass in about 16 seconds.  This speeds up visitor registration and improves the accuracy of your data (more info).

Watch lists:

Visitor Alerts:
You can now flag a visitor as an "Alert" or a "VIP".  You can mark any of your visitors with a Red flag, Green flag or Yellow flag.  You can also add custom "notes" to explain the flag.

National Sex Offender Lookup:
You can now automatically screen your visitors through the National Sex Offenders database.  It requires a Driver's License Reader (more info).
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