eVisitor KIOSK Installation Guide

Desktop Installation Guide

Note: For best results, be sure you have a clean install of windows and a reliable internet connection.  These are the top two causes of problems with eVisitor Kiosk.  If you are having troubles with Kiosk running for several days in a row, reset Windows to factory defaults and be sure your internet connection is not timing out.

1) MS Surface Pro settings (Windows 10):

  • Set "Screen resolution" to defaults
    • Settings, System:
    • Size of Text: 200%  (recommended)
    • Resolution 1824 x 2736 (recommended)

  • Set "power" to always on
    • Settings, System, Power: ...
    • Set bluetooth adapter to stay on (see zebra instructions for details)

  • Turn "tablet mode" off
    • Click lower right-hand corner (notifications).  Turn OFF tablet mode.
    • Settings, System, Tablet mode, Use desktop mode

  • Turn  "MS on-screen keyboard" on
    • R-click on the taskbar
    • Select "show touch keyboard button"
    • Turn off People and Windows ink and Cortana

  • Set "MS on-screen keyboard" to not automatically pop-up
    • Settings, devices, typing, Touch Keyboard: Show the touch… OFF

The next two require admin rights

  • Turn "edge swipe" off
    • Search, “edit group policy”
    • Local computer policy
    • Computer Config
    • Administrative templates
    • Windows components
    • Edge UI
    • Allow Edge swipe: Disable

  • Set "AutoLogon" to on (optional)  (details)
    • regedit to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
    • Set AutoAdminLogon to 1


2) Install eVisitor Kiosk  ( link )

3) AutoStart Kiosk
  • Open the startup folder: Windows-R, Shell:Startup, OK
  • Copy the desktop icon into the startup folder.
  • or regedit to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  • Edit, new, string value:
  • name=kiosk  
  • Data="c:\users\<username>\Desktop\eVisitor Kiosk.appref-ms"

4) Wireless Zebra
      ( link )

5) Turbo Photo DL reader

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