Full Reset of Zebra if needed

This assumes that your Zebra ZD410 can work properly but needs to be fully reset, calibrated and tested.  This is all done without needing a computer.  Just the printer, power cord, and labels. 
If you cannot get the configuration page to print, there is no point trying to get eVisitorPass to print.

The printer manual is available here: https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_new_ia/en-us/manuals/printers/desktop/zd410d/zd410d-ug-en.pdf

Physical settings

1. Clean printer  (Page 109)

2. Load Media  (Page 30)

3. Set Movable Sensor (Page 33 )
     •   Slide the Yellow sensor one notch to the right so it lines up underneath the center-most-hole in the labels  

Electronic settings

4. Factory Defaults (Page 99)
     •   Turn OFF the printer
     •   Press and hold PAUSE + FEED while turning ON the printer until the Status indicator is the only indicator lit
     •   The printer configuration is reset to the factory default values. No labels print at the end of this action

5. Calibration (Page  37)
    •   With printer ON
    •   Press and hold PAUSE + CANCEL buttons for 4 seconds
    •   Let it move the labels forward and back till it thinks it found the spaces between the labels
    •   If it did not stop between the labels, go back to step “5”
    •   If it DID stop between labels, press the FEED button and see if it can properly feed one label.  If not, go back to step “5”

6. Print a Configuration page (Page 38)
    •   With the printer ON
    •   Press and hold the FEED + CANCEL buttons for 4 seconds.

Settings for 4" non adhesive badges:

Set eVP template to "not tab expiring"  (DMI tech support will do this)

Printing Preferences, Tools, Load Factory Defaults

Printer Properties, Advanced, Printing Defaults

Rotate 180   (Will not be needed after version
Width = 2
Height = 4.2

Thermal Direct
Mark Sensing
Tear Off = 0.2  (adjust as needed)

Advanced - Other:
No backfeed

Power cycle printer
Print test page (windows)

Test with eVisitor
eVisitorPass - Zebra printer settings

Zebra ZD410 settings

  1. Load Driver
    1. Plug in printer.  Plug in USB cable.  Turn on printer.  Driver usually loads automatically, give it some time.
    2. If it won't load, get driver. (Ver 5.x)  (Ver 8.x) (Zebra support page).
  2. Load Paper
    1. Open printer with two yellow tabs
    2. Roll yellow wheel in bottom of label compartment to set label width
    3. Check sensor:  move one notch to right ~1/8 inch so sensor lines up with through-hole
    4. Load paper face up
    5. Close lid

  3. Calibrate
    1. With printer turned on, press both Pause and X until calibration starts (about 4 seconds).  Let it finish.
    2. Press center button to feed a label.  If it does not feed a single label, recalibrate.
    3. When calibration is done, press Pause to unpause the printer

  4. Test print
    1. If eVisitorPass is not set to a specific printer, it should automatically find the printer
    2. Test by printing a label from eVisitorPass

Setting the Printing Preferences will set the printer properly for the current windows user (Windows logon)
Setting the Printer Properties will set the printer properly for other new windows users (other Windows logons)


ZD410 support page
ZD410 Manual

ZD420 support page
ZD420 Manual

How to Videos
Zebra Bluetooth wireless on Windows 10

  • This only works on Zebra printers with Bluetooth and wireless. 
  • Bluetooth can have some delays in printing.
  • Bluetooth transmits a maximum of 30 feet.
  • Set computer's bluetooth adapter to not sleep
    • Device Manager
    • Bluetooth
    • Find the controller, r-click Properties
    • Power Management: don't allow computer to turn off

1) Configure the printer's Bluetooth
  • Connect a USB from computer to printer
  • Turn on printer
  • Use Zebra Setup Utilities
  • Select your printer in the printers list
  • Configure Printer Connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • Friendly Name:  eVP-BT  (or whatever you want)
  • Paring Method: Just works
  • Finish, send to printer.  Printer should flash then restart

2) Connect a COM port via Bluetooth
  • Settings, Devices, Bluetooth, Add Bluetooth, Bluetooth
  • Select "eVP-BT"
  • Goto "more Bluetooth options", COM ports, and remember the COM port for the Outgoing direction.  (Say COM4:).   Cancel

3) Install the windows printer to the COM port
  • Settings, Devices, Printers, Add a printer, Printer not listed
  • Add a local printer with manual
  • Select the correct COM port (Say COM4:)
  • Select Zebra, ZD410, 300DPI, ZPL
  • Name it" ZD410-BT
  • No sharing
  • Print test page

Zebra label cutter option

  1. Install cutter as per instruction in box. There are two screws to remove with the included driver.
  2. In the print driver, Printing Preferences, Operation Mode
    1. Operation Mode Type: CUTTER
ZD410 troubleshooting

eVisitor prints to a standard Windows printer.  If you cannot reliably print a Windows test page, eVisitor will not be able to print.  Follow these steps to identify the problem.  These steps start with the printer and work backwards to eVisitor. 

1) Can you reliably feed one label?
  • If you cannot reliably feed one label, the trouble is with the printer.  eVisitor will not be able to print.
  • Press the feed (center) button on the printer.  Does one label come out and it stops between labels?
  • Things to check:
    • Check the yellow support arms.  Set wide to avoid pinching the roll.
    • Check the sensor.  Lined up with the left-hole in the labels.
    • Check labels.  Face up.  Zebra how-to video
    • Check for clean paper path.  Is it smooth Zebra how-to video
    • Recalibrate (this has occasionally taken 5-10 times to work).  Zebra how-to video
    • Factory resets
    • Power cycle the printer
    • ...
  • If none of this works, contact Threshold or Zebra.

2) Can you reliably print a Windows test page?
  • If you cannot reliably print a Window test page, the trouble is between Windows and the printer.  eVisitor will not be able to print.
  • The number one problem we find here is Windows updates.
  • Other things to check:
    • Power cycle the computer and the printer
    • USB cable
    • USB port
    • Different computer
    • Different printer
    • Printer drivers.  Remove and reinstall drivers.  Try a different version.
    • Virus scanning software

  • Set the printer Preferences. 
    • Maintenance, Reset
    • Page Setup
    • Width.  about 2
    • Height 3, or 4 or 3.75 or 4.75 depending on the label ??
    • gaps or maybe notches
  • If none of this works, contact Threshold or Zebra.

3) Can you print  from eVisitor?

  • Confirm printer is set to auto
  • Confirm template settings  (includind setting Type 0 or 1...)
  • Confirm you can print a badge on a different system and printer... is the account setup right?
  • Try forcing to a specific printer
  • Try badge type 0,1,2
  • Check for windows updates
  • Power cycle Windows and the printer
  • Use the install wizard to confirm connectivity to our servers

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