eVisitorPass Turbo 450 printer                $129.99
Prints Visitor Passes in less than 3 seconds.  No ink or toner to buy.   SKU:100353

eVisitorPass Color 400 printer               $1495.00
Prints full color Visitor Passes  SKU: 100408

eVisitorPass Business Card Reader         $363.99
Sign-in visitors by inserting their business card.  Reads Name and Company from business card into eVisitorPass in seconds.  SKU: 100375
eVisitorPass Drivers License Reader       $499.99
Reads Name and DOB into eVisitorPass in seconds.  This model does not read the photo. Reads licenses with a barcode on the back.  SKU: 100485  Check your State
Premium Drivers License Reader           $899.99 Reads Name, DOB and Photo into eVisitorPass in seconds.  Reads licenses with or without a barcode on the back. SKU: 100496 Check your State

eVisitorPass C930 Camera                        $99.99
Takes a current photo of your visitor.  SKU: 100364
Optional Desktop Camera Stand is recomended.

eVisitorPass Desktop Camera Stand        $74.99
Stand sits on desk and securily holds the camera up at head level for better photography.  Adj from 28.5"-34.5" high. 6" base        SKU: 100474
eVisitorPass USB 3.0 hub                        $29.99
4 port USB hub to connect your equipment using only 1 USB port on your computer.  SKU: 100386

eVisitorPass Sign-out Scanner                  $69.99
Sign visitors out faster by scanning their visitor pass. SKU: 100397

eVisitorPass Deluxe Sign-out Scanner   $219.99
Sign visitors out faster by scanning their visitor pass. Omnidirectional scanner allows barcode to be read from many angles.  SKU: 100507

Annual eVisitorPass license renewal        $250
(with Drivers License Reader )                       $350
Free updates | Free support | Free data storage.
This pricing is for customers buying labels from us.
SKU: 100419, 100463
Installation and training                             $100
Installation and training of your eVisitorPass system.

Welcome Kit                     FREE with first order
Welcome sign 2 badge tags  Door stickers ?
5 page registry book (50 badges) for off-hours ?

Registry Book                                         Various
Our Visitor Pass Registry book is used for off-hours when your attendant is not available.  Or sites where you don't have a computer.  more info
Visitor Passes                                         Various
Featuring our exclusive expring visitor passes that change color overnight, preventing reuse.
If you need a new computer to run eVisitorPass, there are many good choices.  As of Feb 2014, a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop for $299.99 will work well.

Printer Cleaning cards                             $19.99
DYMO Label Writer Cleaning Cards for All Label Writers, 10 Pack (60622)
National Sex Offender lookups                FREE

Lookups are free with your labels.  learn more

eVisitorPass Equipment

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