Key selling points
  • Standard VMS features:
    • Reads driver's licenses: Simple, fast, accurate
    • Photo on badge
    • Keeps a log of visitors
    • Reporting of visitors
  • eVisitorPass unique features:
    • Easy to implement / Easy to use
    • Low Cost
    • Expiring badges can't be reused
    • Custom visitor categories
      • Track Visitors, Vendors, Contractors
    • Registry book for off-hours or system maintenance
    • Visitors log accessable off-site in the event of an evacuation

Why eVisitorPass
  • Protect your patients and staff
  • Know who is in your building
  • Automatic screening for registered sex offender
  • Our Expiring Visitor Passes change color overnight to prevent reuse

How it works
  • Simply insert a drivers license into eVisitorPass.  
  • Once cleared, a professional visitor pass customized with your logo and their photo is printed for your guest to wear during their visit.  The visitor pass will expire overnight preventing anyone from reusing it. 
  • When your visitor leaves, eVisitorPass scans their visitor pass to automatically log them out.

Where to use eVisitorPass
  • Maturnity ward
  • Emergency Room
  • Psych Ward
  • Front Door
  • Clinics

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