eVisitor Sex Offender Scanning  (SOS)

The SOS service is an optional service you can purchase.

It only works with a driver's license reader.  This is because the name and state have to be entered the same way as the State has on file.

Note: We display all the information the state provides.  Each state maintains their own database and thus the information available from each state is not consistent.

The National Sex Offender Public Website uses a similar service to ours.  Their FAQ can be helpful.

How it works:

  1. A driver's license is read
  2. The NAME (including aliases), STATE and aproximate AGE is looked up in the Sex Offender database.  This is NOT a driver's license number match.
  3. If there are no matches, a GREEN Shield is displayed
  4. If there are any POSSIBLE MATCHES, a RED Shield is displayed indicating a POSSIBLE MATCH. 
  5. Click the "Review" button to review each possible match
  6. Review the details of each match.  Click "this IS the person" or "this IS NOT the person"

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