Epson TM-C3500 Printer Settings

Note: As of 2021-03-18 these settings are confirmed to work with Epson's  latest firmware "WAM31400" and latest driver "".

If the settings below don't work for you, try calling Epson ColorWorks tech support; they can be very helpful.  562-276-1314 option 3

You may need to make some other adjustments for your environment.  These settings produce a badge that was dry within 2 seconds of being printed and cut on an Epson C3500.

Settings Overview
  • With Windows 10, the driver usually installs automatically.  If not, get it here: (click here).  As of Dec 2018 the latest was
  • eVisitor cannot set a media size, but it will select an appropriately sized "Media Definition "height larger than 380 and the width between 210 and 250 for the 4 inch labels. Set the height larger than 250 and the width between 190 and 200 for the 3 inch label
  • To make a "Media Definition" available for all users, goto
    • Settings | Devices | Printers.. | select your printer | Manage. 
    • Then  Printer properties | Advanced | Printing Defaults
    • Click Media Definition | New 
      • Give it a name.  Threshold Expiring Badge (The name does not actually matter)
      • 2 x 4 in Expiring Visitor Badge  (Width=2.25, Length = 4)  OR
      • 2 x 3 inch Expiring Visitor Badge (Width=1.875, Length=2.75)
      • Media Form: "Die-cut..."
      • Media Coating Type: Plain
      • Print Quality: Speed
      • Note: If your labels do not come out dry, dial back the ink levels under Advanced as indicated below
  • Select the "Media Definition" name you gave it above (this may not be necessary).

"Printer Settings Utility" settings
  • To open the Printer Settings Utility:  Printer Preferences | Printer Utilities | Printer Setup Utility
  • If you cannot press FEED and have one label come out then set the gap sensor: Printer Setting Utility | Printer Adjustment | Sensor Adjustment | click on "Label Gap Detection Sensor / Start Adjustment".
  • NOTE: If you get a "Media Size Error": Printer Settings Utility | Advanced Settings | Notification Settings | "Notification setting at a media size error = No Error Notification".

Screen shots

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