eVisitorPass - DYMO printing delay issue

While the DYMO 450 printer serves many our customers quite well, a small number of our customers experience a delay in printing badges that is due the DYMO printer.  The resolutions are as follows:

1) Upgrade to a Zebra printer.  This is the recommended solution.  The Zebra printers do not experience the printer delay. (more info)  (eVisitorPass equipment).

2) Reboot the DYMO printer.  This may give sort term or long term resolution.  Unplug both cables, press the blue button until the light goes out, plug cables back in.

3) Press the blue button on the front of the DYMO if a label does not come out in 6 seconds.  This can be done for each badge.

4) Replace the DYMO.  At some installations, replacing the DYMO has resolved or improved the situation.
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