DYMO printer

Your DYMO printer is a simple printer with low maintenance because it has no ribbons or ink to replace.   That being said, paper dust and adhesive does get deposited inside the printer as the badges get printed.  Removing this dust and adhesive on a regular basis is important.

Printer life:
While the DYMO LabelWriter is a good printer for eVisitorPass, it will eventually wear out.  Proper maintenance will extend the life of your printer. 

  1. Regular cleaning
    1. Use a DYMO cleaning card once a month or once per 1000 labels, whichever comes first.
    2. Instructions:
      1. Open the top of the printer
      2. Pull the lever at the left forward to release the tension on the labels
      3. Pull the labels out of the print heads
      4. Open a new cleaning card
      5. Feed the cleaning card into the printer.  It should feed through.  If not, press the blue button on the front
      6. You should run the card through several times
  2. Deeper cleaning  (see video)
    1. You can open up three parts of the printer to clean deeper or to remove labels that have gotten stuck inside.  You may need isoprobal alcohol and a cleaning stick for some of this cleaning. 
      1. Open the lid, remove the labels and spool.
      2. Remove the front cover by lifting on the lip where the labels enter the print head
      3. Lift the label feed guide to expose the roller and feed path
      4. Remove the cutoff blade unit to expose the label exit path
  3. Replacement parts
    • Labels - call us or your reseller
    • New printer - call us
    • Broken printer (after first 90 days) call DYMO.
Power cord, spool, cleaning cards - goto www.dymo.com
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