Startup Price:

($529.99 value)
SKU: 100441
eVisitorPass Software Subscription
One year subscription to eVisitorPass
  - Free tech support
  - Free upgrades
  - Free data storage (for up to 1 years)
SKU: 100419             $250/year*

eVisitorPass Installation and Training
Remote installation and training

SKU: TBD                  $100
eVisitorPass B/W Printer

eVisitorPass Black and White Turbo 450
printer prints visitor passes in ___ seconds.
SKU: 100353             $129.99


eVisitorPass Visitor Passes

1 roll of 250 Premium Visitor Passes.
Choose from any DT or Inkjet labels we have.  more info 
SKU: various             $50

eVisitorPass Camera

Take a current photo of your visitor.
SKU: 100364       $99.99
eVisitorPass Sign-out Barcode Scanner

Sign visitors out in ___ seconds.
For high-volume sites.
SKU: 100397         $69.99
eVisitorPass Drivers License Reader

Read Name and DOB from drivers license in seconds.
Note: This feature has an additional $100/year subscription fee.
SKU: TBD       $499.99
SKU: TBD       $899.99  (This model also reads photo and non-barcode licenses)
eVisitorPass Business Card Reader

Read Name and company from a business card in ___ seconds.
SKU: 100375   $363.99
Sex Offender Checks

Automatically checks visitors against the national sex offender
databases in all 50 states...
A Drivers License Reader is required.
$100 / year

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* Note: This subscription price requires the use of our labels.  There is a different price available for customers not using our labels.

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