eVisitorPass  - Zebra Printer Upgrade

DYMO: The DYMO 450 printer that we have been offering with eVisitorpass is an inexpensive, fairly reliable printer with a good quality image.  It should be considered somewhat of a disposable printer with a print life of somewhere between 25,000 – 50,000 labels depending greatly on how is it maintained and handled.  While it has served many of our customers well, there are two shortcomings that some of our customers have experienced: 

1) Printer delay.  In some instances, the printer will delay the printing of a visitor pass by up to 50 seconds.  This can be addressed by pressing the blue button on the front of the printer, or by rebooting the printer (more info).

2) Cleaning.  Basic cleaning is fairly easy with the DYMO printer.  However, if a label gets wrapped around the feed roller, it can be difficult to remove.  Often, we see printers permanently damaged from people trying to remove labels from the feed roller.

3) Print density settings.  The DYMO 450 needs its “Print Density” set to “light” or the barcode is not legible.  This is not the default settings and needs to be set for each user.

Upgrading to the Zebra printer addresses all of these issues and has other advantages.

Zebra: The Zebra ZD410 printer is a new printer we are offering.  It is a much more industrial printer designed for high volume printing.  It is very close to the same size as the DYMO.  Its main advantages include:

1) No printer delay.  The Zebra does not experience the intermittent (5-50 second) printer delay that DYMO sometimes experiences.  This means that badges reliably print in 4-8 seconds.

2) Simplified cleaning and maintenance.  The printer opens up to allow scheduled cleaning and required

3) The default “print density” or “darkness” setting for the Zebra works well.

4) Holds rolls of 500 badges vs 250 in the DYMO.  This reduces roll changes by ½.

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