eVisitor Occupancy Assistant  (Room-Track)

Your Visitation Policy just got easier to enforce.

Introducing Occupancy Assistant

  1. Know how many Visitors are in your entire facility
  2. Know how many Visitors are in each destination in your facility
  3. As you sign Visitors in, get an alert as to how many Visitors are already in thatlocation

Watch the video clip

  • Alerts you as to how many visitors are in a room before you admit another
  • Allows you to review the visitors in the room
  • Allows you to check them out if they have left
  • Your Visitation Policies can change as often as you like.  Now your staff will have the information they need to implement it.
  • No administration to implement.  It works automatically.

  • For best results be sure your visitors check out
  • Use the Auto-Checkout feature if you are unable to sign-out all exiting visitors
  • Ask Visitors to sign-out so others may visit
  • Post a sign asking visitors to sign-out
  • Room names must be entered in a consistant format
  • Customers cut and paste the room number from their EMR
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